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A platform for creation of social networks with a full range of functions: people search, places, events, goods, thematic communities, news, calendar, gamification, chats. Multifunctionality behind one simple interface!

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LOQUI is a multi-purpose platform for building social networks and communities. The full version combines the functionality of a social network, dating app, GEO service, messenger, noticeboard, social corporate intranet, news website, online loyalty program, as well as its own functions. The modular architecture makes the software fully adjustable to the user’s needs.

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Our products

With LOQUI we have made three basic solutions for different categories of users: a corporate business network, a thematic social network for mass-media and communities, and also a separate solution for private individuals.

Each of LOQUI products has a unique range of functions and is adjustable to the client’s demands. The number of possible solutions is not limited.

Loqui Business A new-generation corporate network
A unified information place for the company, building of communication links between co-workers, search for colleagues by competences, means of adaptation and motivation of the staff, gamification, and also safe chats, storage of knowledge and global semantic search on well-structured contents.
Loqui Business
Loqui community A social network for creation of a community for a brand
Theme interest communities, dating, events, noticeboards with ads, places on the map, contacts and protected chats, photo and video public pages, global semantic search on all the departments of the content, full branding of the web service.
Loqui community

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Thanks to the platform’s architecture and the specially designed API on the basis LOQUI’s functionality, you can create social networks with any set of functions really fast.

MODULARITY Multi-functionality and modular architecture

QUALITY High quality of each component of the platform

FLEXIBILITY Customization of the functions and branding of the interface

ALL PLATFORMS Supports iOS, Android, web and desktop platforms

PROTECTION High-level protection of data, AES 256 encryption

ALL SERVER SYSTEMS Server installation: cloud or the client’s server system


LOQUI is a unique technology with a wide range of opportunities. Choose a solution for your business and begin to use a customized version right now.

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